Samuel Pierre,Head of Product Development Pronomic

Recruitment, experienced engineer for the Technology and Development Department

We attempted to recruit this position ourselves but soon realised the difficulty of finding the right candidate. We then approached NyTeknik recruitment and Björn Bergström, who is a senior recruiter within technology companies. Thanks to his extensive contact network amongst engineers, they helped us to successfully solve this recruitment.

Samuel Pierre  
Head of Product Development Pronomic

Björn Berg, Chairman, Airwatergren

Recruitment CEO
Following recommendations and a meeting with Björn Bergström, I was convinced we had found the right recruitment partner. With 20 years of experience of working with technology companies and understanding our business, the outcome of our recruitment of a CEO has exceeded our expectations.

Björn Berg
Chairman, Airwatergren

Jim Carlsson CEO Clavister Listed on NASDAQ First North

Recruitment, Sales Technician 
I have used XLNT in my former company, Nordic Edge (bought by McAfee), where we successfully recruited both sales people and developers in the field of identity management.

As CEO of Clavister, we needed to recruit a technical salesperson. Since I had previous good experience with XLNT Search, the choice was easy. With their great commitment, expertise and networking in the area, the mission was solved in an excellent way. I am very pleased with the work of XLNT Search and I highly recommend them for future clients.

Jim Carlsson CEO Clavister
Listed on NASDAQ First North

Mikael Arndt, CEO ARNDT’S Affärnätverk

Finding the right sales staff is always extremely difficult and successes are rare. Recruiting via a headhunter can be successful but it can just as often be a disaster. Björn Bergström at XLNT Search is an incredibly capable guy who found Ragnhild Sicheritz, a future sales superstar for me. Björn is also a driven headhunter who told me I should strike while the iron was hot, as Ragnhild was already heading for another company. Björn has many years of experience and has seen so many colleagues come and go in his industry.

Quote from the book “Vi samlar på affärskontakter” written by Mikael Arndts and Crister Fälldin.
Mikael Arndt, CEO ARNDT’S Affärnätverk.


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• Recruitment Presale Helsinki • Recruitment Presale Oslo

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