XLNT Search’s recruitment process, combined with our assessment criteria, has proven to be a successful concept which we offer our clients with 100% customer satisfaction.

Requirement profile

We place great emphasis on learning about your business, your organisation and your company culture to obtain as accurate a match between you and the candidate as possible in order to ensure that the right candidate is appointed.

Search strategy

In connection with the requirement profile, we cross-check with our clients where potential candidates could work today. We draw up a strategy for the way in which the assignment will be carried out based on the specific circumstances of each case. We present an estimated timetable for the recruitment process and determine how and when feedback will be given. Everything takes place in a close dialogue with your company.


XLNT Search has access to all available commercial job databases and uses social media to search for suitable candidates for each position.

Sector review

In addition to the established channels, we carry out a sector review for each assignment, which is comparable to well-organised detective work. We gradually work our way through the market in order to identify suitable companies which may have potential candidates with the right skills, character and personality profile.


For XLNT Search, network-building is vital. We work with professional networks, social networks on the internet and sector-specific networks which we have built up over many years of headhunting. When we take on a new assignment, we activate these networks and gather tips for interesting candidates. We also work with other recruitment companies, giving us access to their contact networks of candidates.


Depending on the position and your wishes regarding discretion, advertising may be relevant.


The recruitment consultant will interview candidates on an ongoing basis, and those who match the requirement profile and our assessment criteria will be presented to the client.


XLNT consultants ensure that references are obtained in a professional manner. Possible referees include managers, colleagues, customers or other relevant reference sources which may be appropriate for the assignment concerned.


After each appointment, we follow up the candidate after periods of one, three and five months to ensure that everything is going according to plan with feedback to our client.