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With over 20 years of experience within Technology

With over 20 years of experience within Technology, the market considers us to be specialists within the field. We see this as a benefit – it gives us an enormous positive feeling to be able to help both customers and candidates towards success.

We are uncompromising when it comes to our commitment and our ambition to create valuable results. Whether you are a XLNT Search customer, partner or candidate, we aim to always give you a little more than you expect. XLNT Search has helped a wide range of businesses covering everything from listed companies to smaller owner-run companies with recruitment for increased growth and profitability. Over the past 20 years, we have built up an extensive contact network and established recruitment processes and assessment criteria to ensure that the right candidates are presented to our clients. This makes us self-assured in our profession as headhunters and always provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See our refernces here ››

Björn Bergström
CEO, XLNT Search

Senior recruitment consultant with over 20 years of experience of recruiting within the Technology field

Björn Bergström

Senior recruitment consultant with over 20 years of experience of recruiting within the Technology field. His customers have included Startups, Gasellbolag, companies on NyTeknik’s list of the 33 hottest technology enterprises and listed companies. Björn has previously worked as a salesperson, marketing manager, sales manager and CEO in a number of sectors. He has also given lectures on how to attract talent. Björn has also run the Sverige Work job fairs in Stockholm and Gothenburg, focussing on Technology and Technology companies.

Mats Goldberg is a hired consultant

Ulf Magnusson

Senior recruitment consultant and headhunter mainly working with Tech and IT. Also helps our clients with strategic business development on a consultancy basis. Ulf's most recent assignment was as CEO of the Swedish part of the Finnish media group Alma Media. As CEO, he was ultimately responsible for the company's media products, including "Affärsvärlden" and "Ny Teknik". Alma Media also organized events, for example, "33-listan", where at a very early stage they identified the most innovative companies in Sweden, companies with the opportunity to become a world leader in their field. Some examples of past companies on 33-listan list are Mojang, Spotify, Klarna, iZettle

Lilian Ljungberg – Web designer

Lilian Ljungberg

Lilian is a web designer, graphic designer and social media strategist. She has worked as a web designer for 15 years and as a graphic designer for more thar 20 years. She updates the web site, creates ads both for print and for the web and is handling the social media for XLNT Search.