Paul Förster is a mentor & coach

Paul Förster is a mentor & coach who works with enterprises and entrepreneurs within the field of technology and other sectors, which are set to grow and ready for success. He works closely with these enterprises to help them develop and take the next step. He identifies commercial targets and motivates managers and staff to achieve them.

Paul is an entrepreneur himself and has worked with many start-up companies. He has also built up an extensive network with a growth programme for companies with 920 CEOs/owners. This is an excellent, broad contact network on which XLNT Search can draw in its recruitment assignments within the field of technology and technology companies.

Paul has also been a successful coach and mentor in the sports world.

Academy X is a network which Paul has set up and is running for CEOs, owners and company executives who have completed the Academy of Excellence’s growth programme.

As a mentor

"I have been very successful as an entrepreneur and have run businesses with a turnover of up to NOK 90 million and 71 employees. I have been through both difficult times and successes, all of which has taught me a huge amount of vital knowledge.

As a coach

"People usually have the answers themselves – I help people to find those answers and to prepare a clear and timetabled action plan which will take them and their business forward.

Comments about Paul in industry

“Thank you for your incredibly inspiring coaching!! I felt so exhilarated by all the positive energy which you shared with me. I was impressed by how quickly you familiarised yourself with my situation despite the very brief background description you were given. Your ability to specify and structure the problem through insightful questions was very rewarding! Highly recommended!!”
//Mia Fant

“Paul is full of wise reflections and useful feedback. During our conversations, he has always listened attentively to what I have to say and given me good advice and asked thought-provoking questions in order to find the right path for my business. I can warmly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to develop themselves both as a person and as an entrepreneur.”

 Johnny Sundin – Lecturer, Moderator and inspirer –

Comments about Paul in the sports world

IF Brommapojkarna

“During the period 2010 – 2013, Paul Förster was head coach for IF Brommapojkarna’s first team for girls born in 1996.

Paul was very much appreciated both by players and by the rest of the team’s management and parents. He has a thorough knowledge and is an excellent teacher, coach and mentor, which was a big reason why under his leadership the girls came on in leaps and bounds as regards technique, game understanding, self-esteem and self-confidence. He also has a pleasant manner, which meant that the players found even tough training sessions to be enjoyable. Perhaps the most important factor of all was Paul’s attitude towards his task: for him, training young people aged 14– 17 is about long-term education rather than achieving short-term results.

I can warmly recommend Paul Förster for similar coaching assignments and coaching/mentoring.”

// For IF Brommapojkarna F96-1 Mats Örbrink